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Muhammad Hamidullah Khan


Muhammad Hamidullah Khan (b. September 11, 1938) was the Sector Commander of Sector 11 of Bangladesh during the Bangladesh War of Independence from Pakistan in 1971, also infamously known to many as war of liberation.
An Air Force officer by early career, he successfully led 22,800 troops under his command of Sector 11 (Nov. 2nd 1971 to Feb. 14 1972). He was one of the principal participants during the creation of the Bangladesh Forces in the historic Banagladesh Sector Commanders Conference 1971 and also the final conference held in January 29th 1972 both chaired by C-in-C BD Forces General Muhammad Aeaul Gani Osmani. Hamidullah Khan commanded Sector 11 with distinction and valor under the leadership of General Osmani and was awarded for galantry. Popularly known as Hamidullah, he served in the Bangladesh Air Force until his early retirement from service in 1979.
After retirement from military service he continued on with public service in the legislative branch of Bangladesh government. He was elected Member of Parliament from Dhaka-5 (Bikrampur) now Munshigonj-2 of Bangladesh in the 2nd (1979), 5th (1991) and 6th (1996) Parliament. He served in different positions in Bangladesh Government throughout his active life. Hamidullah served as chairman of Bangladesh Post Graduate Medical Research Centre (1979-1982), Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust (1993-1996), Janata Bank (1995-1996). He authored a book on the nations struggle for independence with two revised editions. On november 2008, M. Hamidullah Khan received an electoral seat nomination for the 9th Parliament from Dhaka 15.continue...BNP Bangladesh Dhaka 15 Election

Bangladesh War of Independence.

Bangladesh's great leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman after ferociously spearheading the struggle for equality and human rights for the Bengali people in East Pakistan, had built an unprecedented momentum that finally culminated into a strong movement to unify a part of a divided nation (East Pakistan) that was politically and economically disadvantaged and in disarray, resulting in the struggle for independence. continue...BNP Bangladesh Election Dhaka 15 Candidate


Hamidullah has authored an historical acocount of the Bangladesh Independence War in a book titled Ekkature Uttar Ronangaon (in English - The Northern Front 1971) with two revised editions. Included with facts from survivors and historical resources.continue...

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